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Which police force will investigate the murder? Winter speaks not so much with the wisdom of Solomon as with a complete lack of professional interest. How, though, could Winter not be intrigued by this very stiff stiff? After all, the body has been posed on the border after being stabbed in woods near an abandoned Mercedes.
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Celebrating the subversive, surreal Society

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Sure, he may live in a Beverly Hills mansion. He might drive a brand new Jeep to the beach. But deep down, he has the same hang-ups as most teenagers: he distrusts authority, resents his parents, and suspects that he might actually be adopted. If this were a straight drama, Bill Whitney could be just another troubled rich kid who resents the gilded cage his parents have created for him. Billy seems to quietly lust after his sister, Jenny Patrice Jennings , even though he shudders when he happens to notice the flesh on her back pulsate sweatily one summer afternoon. There seems to be something similarly incestuous going on between Jenny and her parents, Jim Charles Lucia and Nan Concetta D'Agnese , who look like something straight out of an 80s soap like Dynasty or Falcon Crest. Brian Yuzna made an indelible impression on 80s horror as the producer of Re-Animator and From Beyond
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Disney Announces New ‘Star Wars’ Films, Moves ‘Avatar’ Sequels

Forum Home Help Login Register. New Visitor Karma: 0 Posts: 3. I have NO clue where I saw this. I'm not even entirely sure it was a full movie, or whether it was an episode of series
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For one, the current widely shared sense that the scales of social justice need a historical rebalancing, which probably helped the new series get greenlighted and certainly affected its scripts. For another, Cinemax. There is a lot of fighting, of many varieties — kung fu and hatchets in the street for the Chinese characters, bare-knuckle brawling for the whites mostly Irishmen , and some Wild West gunplay in a stand-alone episode at a stage stop that pays tribute to both John Ford and Tsui Hark. If I closed my eyes, you could be anyone.
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