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I am a bi sexual male who recently eight days ago had all four of my wisdom teeth removed. Today I gave oral sex to a man who ejaculated into my mouth after which I quickly swallowed. There was no physical trauma caused during this act. I felt that as there was no lingering swelling or pain from the operation and I no longer had any open or exposed cuts I was ready to become sexually active again. On inspection of my mouth the wisdom tooth socket on my left side is nearly covered although the right side socket is sightly exposed, an obvious divot where the tooth was removed is still present however is has a layer of skin growing along the base, sides and top which prevents any exposure to blood etc and there is a heavy layer of internal stitching still present. My question is that even though I had no open wounds is there a risk that a STI or HIV may be transmitted through a non open wisdom tooth socket which is healing?
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Are You Giving Oral Sex Wrong? 8 Common Mistakes And How To Fix Them

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When I asked her how she knew for a fact that was true, she said that she went into each and every oral sex session with her partners knowing she was giving the best head they ever had, and that confidence alone meant that there was no way in hell that she was giving oral wrong. Am I giving oral wrong? Are you giving oral wrong , too? I guess it depends. As it is with all components of sexual activity, different people enjoy different things. Because this is the case you need to go into each oral sex experience with your eyes and ears open.
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Why Some Locals in Cape Town Remove Their Front Teeth

Though the term is obviously problematic as a racial classification, and indeed in South Africa it was assigned by a racist government to classify an entire, diverse population group, these days many have claimed it back. Since it rose to prominence, many have attempted to seek out the real reason behind the removal. Though this may have some element of modern-day truth, most attribute the origins to the midth century, when some slaves removed their own teeth as a way to take back control of their bodies; a way to undermine their slave bosses, who often used dental health to value individuals. These days, the roots of the practice seem to have been forgotten, and it appears to be more driven by custom, peer pressure and fashion. The subjects cite everything from improved physical appearance to better kissing.
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The safe sex tips no one talks about. For every legit fact about safe sex, there's an urban legend that just won't die double-bagging, anyone? Probably one of the most dangerous myths is that oral sex is safer than the p-in-v variety because you can't get an STD from going down on someone.
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